Access systems

The importance of access control, in London, cannot be overstated. Triple Star specialise in providing exceptional access control services, designed to keep your building secure with high quality access control systems from Paxton. Paxton have a global reach – supplying the United States, Europe, South Africa and the UAE. Their products secure thousands of buildings around the world, every year. Triple Star Fire & Security are proud to supply Paxton products.

Web-based systems

Today systems exist that allow for near total control over a building. As technology evolves and becomes ever more advanced we have access to better security systems all the time.

There are many advantages to using these advanced systems. Here are just a few:
1. Integrated access control and video management
2. Out-of-the-box functionality
3. Intelligent reaction to human movement
4. Intelligent energy-saving adjustments
5. Control of heating and lighting
6. Integration of fire and intruder alarms
7. User identification through smart devices

Web-based systems like the Paxton 10 comprise all these functions and many more, including field-upgradability and intuitive user interfaces. It is suitable for all types of buildings.

PC-Based Systems

These are great for a variety of applications ranging from large corporate premises to car parks. PC-Based systems, like Paxton’s NET2 Range, offer advanced access control solutions like the ability to control literally thousands of doors for as many as fifty thousand users.
As with the web-based systems this system boasts intuitive, user-friendly software, event reporting and centralized control of privileges.

Standalone access solutions

When less stringent security is required, like low-risk internal doors, for example, standalone access systems are the way to go. Paxton’s Compact Range is a perfect solution with benefits like:
1. Integrated control units and readers
2. Simple token management
3. Scalability
4. Proximity, mag-stripe or keypads

External Security

For small to medium sites, that require high security, standalone systems, like Paxton’s Switch2, are perfect.
Systems like the Switch2 have the usual features and benefits, like scalability, separate control units and readers, simple token management and proximity – magstripe or keypads. However, the Switch2 is optimized for external applications with the control unit installed in a tamper-proof manner due to its high security requirements.

Access control is a necessity

Any building where people work, live, or gather, ought to have some form of access control. This includes virtually every building in London. Hotels, office buildings, hospitals, government buildings, schools, etc. ought to have access control to monitor and keep control over who enters and exits and to keep potential intruders out.