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Triple Star offer excellent layout design services for access control systems. No matter what kind of building you own, our professional team work closely with you to design the perfect access control system for you that will be completely fit for purpose.

After the design process is completed and you are happy with the design of your new access control system, the system can be installed at a time that suits you by our professional team. If you have any queries or issues, our team will be happy to help, as well as offering planned maintenance services to ensure there aren’t any future issues with your new system.

Triple Star supply top quality products from Paxton, an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality security products such as smart building access controls.

Triple Star Fire and Security offer expert access control layout design services. Access Control is a great way to allow you to manage and control who can get in and out of your building and can be programmed to allow you to know who is coming and going for your company’s security.

Our team have over a decade of experience with access control layout design, allowing us to design the most suitable access control system for any given building, integrating it seamlessly with any systems that are already present in the building so as not to compromise any of the security you already have in place.

With Access control you will be able to hand out a simple card or pin for your employees to use, any doors you install this system on will remain locked at all times until the card or pin is presented and will immediately lock once shut. If you’re worried about someone stealing a card or discovering the pin, all the doors can be controlled and locked remotely and as soon as you know one of you employees has lost the card or the pin compromised you can just change the pin or disable the card.

Access Control also offers you the ability to control who can gain access through what door, allowing all employees access to the main door, but setting certain trusted employees access to server rooms, security and personal offices. A great way to keep sensitive information kept private and to ensure only the right people have access to an area.

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